The history of Quattro Stelle and its products, dates back at least 400 years.
Our family, back in the Italian province of Calabria (Italy), produced certain products on their property’s, using their own farmed animals. This was the only way they could make ends meet, but was also a way to get them through the cold winter months.

Meat products were not the only source of food produced. They also cultivated the land, growing fruit and vegetables, resulting in the production of wine, olive oil, passata (tomato sauce) and milked cows to produce milk ,cheese and gelato, just to name a few.
Around 1850, Antonio Sgro’s great, great, great grandfather, Francesco Nicastri, and his brother Giovanni opened a “macellaria” (butcher shop) in the small town of Castiglione (Calabria, Italy). This macelleria or ” La Chianca”, (Calabrese dialect for butcher shop), was passed down from generation to generation, until its closure in the 1940’s due to World War II.

A few years later, the Nicastri family left Italy for Australia, in search for a better life. The Nicastri family never re-opened any style of butchery in Australia, however they did continue to produce all these much loved products for family and friends in their homes. During this time, all product knowledge was passed down from father and mother, to son and daughter.

This continued throughout the 1980’s. As a young boy, Antonio was taught, (what had by now become a tradition), by his “papa” and “mama”, along with his brother Natale and sister Nadia, what Nonno Nicastri and his family made almost 150 years ago.

At 5 years of age, this was not what Antonio wanted to do. But coming from a patriotic and strict family, he was not given a choice.

As the future would have it, it was inevitable. In late 2006 at the age of 23, and with the art of smallgoods production racing through his blood, Antonio founded “Quattro Stelle”.

He wanted to replicate the long lost art of salumi making, which his parents and grandparents had passed down. A couple of years later his brother and sister, Natale and Nadia, joined him at Quattro Stelle to form a solid foundation.
Now, Quattro Stelle is in high demand and is renowned for being amongst Australia’s best smallgoods companies.
Their presence in the meat industry has set a standard above all others, which many are now trying to replicate. Quattro Stelle will continue to invent and produce the best smallgoods products in the country.

Nonno (Grandfather) Giuseppe Sgro’