Platinum Range

Quattro Stelle’s Platinum Range is a much smaller sized product. Suitable for retail. A number of hand selected, premium cuts of meat, for example fillet, loins etc. are used instead of the cuts normally used for the production of salumi/salami.

To give you a better understanding, the Quattro Stelle Tartufo Salami is normally made with pork leg meat, porkbelly and shavings of black summer truffles. On the other hand, the Platinum Range Tartufo Salami is made using only pork fillet, pork loin, pork belly and shavings of imported black winter truffles from Tuscany. It is then filled into natural casings, cured for a minimum 10 weeks till reaching a final weight of approximately 250g. Then each product is packed into our custom made Platinum Range boxes.